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Renowned hair expert and colorist, Joel Warren, has unveiled his new beauty concept with his premiere salon, Salótto, at the 1 Hotel in South Beach. Salótto, an Italian term that signifies a gathering for creative artists to come together, marks a new beginning for Warren, who has been a leader in the beauty industry for over 30 years.


The co-founder and former partner of Warren Tricomi has built a career working with artists, models and celebrity clientele such as Molly Sims, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Alba and Scarlett Johansson, just to name a few. With the belief that the traditional salon approach has become dated, impersonalized, and overwhelming, Warren built Salótto as a return to a more intimate and bespoke experience. Salótto aspires to alter the anxious perception of going to a salon, and replace it with an invaluable and personalized beauty experience from the moment a client steps inside. Additionally recognizing that there is a gap in the marketplace for natural hair styling, Salótto will make it a focus showing each consumer how to bring out her own beauty with a unique styling method.


Located on the second floor, which is the official wellness area of the 1 Hotel, the modernized salon has been thoughtfully created as it embraces the eco-conscious mission of the 1 Hotel, while also employing a sophisticated yet welcoming design aesthetic. The astute design team lead by Kemper Hyers, utilized imported and sustainable materials to create a warm and inviting space.


As Creative Director, Joel Warren is on site throughout the year maintaining the mission and services that are offered. Our handpicked team of highly qualified stylists have been personally trained by Warren to fulfill all aspects of service beginning with greeting a client as they walk into the salon to shampooing, styling and completing the transaction all in one dedicated area.


The stylists are trained on all product lines, allowing them to provide the knowledge and tools for a client to embrace their natural beauty.


Joel Warren
Creative Director